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The original title: Chinese sporting goods industry
Date:2015-1-15 15:09:53

Report from our correspondent (reporter XiaoRong) 21, sponsored by the China sporting goods industry association of 2016 China's sporting goods industry peak BBS held in fuzhou.This BBS focusing on industry future development trend, industry higher-ups are invited on both at home and abroad, to explore China's great development of the future direction of sports industry.

Sporting goods this year the fitness of the pavilion and venue construction area expansion, both BBS BBS also opened the Chinese fitness industry, the development of Chinese sports venues BBS.

It is worth mentioning that the day also released a white paper on "2016 China sporting goods industry development, according to data released by the measurement of the state sport general administration: 2006-2015, our country sporting goods industry (sportswear, sports shoes, sports equipment and related sports products manufacturing and sales) added value increased year by year, to 280 billion yuan in 2015.At the same time, according to the national bureau of statistics data by the end of 2015, China's 65 years of age and older population accounted for 10.47%, 2.57% higher than 2006.This shows that China's population aging process gradually accelerated, and this batch of old people has more spending power, suitable for older consumers of sports products will become the market focus in the sporting goods industry in the future.