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The manchu primary school given sporting goods worth 20000 yuan
Date:2015-1-15 15:09:13

On April 18, 2016 sports lottery in Inner Mongolia "move, more health" public welfare activities donation ceremony was held in Hohhot new manchu primary school playground.Event, sports lottery management center of Inner Mongolia to the primary school nearly 20000 yuan worth of football, racket sports goods, etc.

Learned, organized by the sports lottery management center of Inner Mongolia organization "move, more health" happy sports events in our district in 2012, officially launched, so far has been geared to the needs of the district 4 primary school, 6 kindergarten for the donation.In 2016, sports lottery management center of Inner Mongolia will be the focus on the motherland in the future, care for the healthy growth of children continue to extend public welfare activities, to the Hohhot new manchu primary school donated sporting goods, send a happy for the students.

The donor, it is Inner Mongolia in 2016 sports lottery "move, more health," the first leg of the public welfare activities, the specific features of sports lottery public welfare.Assistant director of the center for Inner Mongolia be Cheng Qian told reporters: "the children are the future of our motherland, nation's hope, can let the students have a healthy body and happy, rich experiences growing up, both relationship with social progress and development, is also the theme of holding the activity."