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General administration of sport held symposium sports industry the PPP mode
Date:2015-1-15 15:07:32

The China securities network - learnt from the state general administration of sports on April 15, on the morning of April 14, state general administration of sports organization sports industry research symposium held in Beijing.On expanding public sports services, government and social capital cooperation PPP mode received wide attention and discussion from the representatives.

"PPP project mainly sports venues and sports comprehensive hardware construction projects, these large projects is very important secondary entrepreneurial innovation platform, the variations of content development creation, research and development of technical solutions, sports training, supplies sales, events, sports brokerage operation project, also need to encourage the participation of social forces. We recommend that guide the PPP project incubation mechanism from policy, share the preferential policy, enlargement project income."Saif fund partner said king for joy.

Window of the Beijing sports culture communication company chairman degree students fu qiang, said China's per capita land shortage, but a city stadium facilities problems such as repeated construction, low efficiency of management.The PPP mode makes the strong enterprise to participate in the whole process of construction, operation, helps to solve the city stadium redundant construction and construction quality problem;Social users to get efficient service.Social capital, how to smoothly into the venues and facilities construction, operation, and how to guarantee the benefits of social capital, need the government and the enterprise common reasonable planning, implementation, standardization of supervision, scientific operation.

And competition management science and technology co., LTD., vice general manager of rui-dong wang believes that the PPP model is the key to meet the aspirations of social capital for investment returns.Judging from the current market, rely on the operation of sports facilities in itself, it is difficult to realize the normal return on investment.So want to attract social capital through the PPP mode participation sports facilities construction and operation, must be rich sports facilities construction and operation of profitable channels and patterns.

Ali Han Lifeng sports vice President have the same understanding, he thinks, sports venues of the PPP model should be extended to build urban sports entertainment complex, through financial support in the form of promoting social capital to participate in the sports culture, leisure, tourism, comprehensive development and operations of the business.

Tiger robot (Shanghai) civilization propagation co., LTD., vice general manager of high shanshan, said sports PPP project construction is the construction of a comprehensive, systematic, suggest that in addition to giving direct participation in sports policy to encourage social forces to the PPP project, should also be oriented around and the construction of PPP projects in the service of sports social forces to set up the corresponding incentive measures, in order to arouse the enthusiasm for the market, to ensure that the PPP projects, fully implement smoothly.

Co., LTD., general manager of Beijing national stadium Wu Xiaonan argues that the PPP model is the effective means to realize marketization, enterprise operation, the difficulty is to distinguish between public and private line.Large venues, depreciation and overhaul cost is too high, after the operation of the enterprise is difficult to bear.Proposal shall be borne by the government of this kind of large sports venues, depreciation and overhaul cost and other aspects the social capital is responsible for the marketization operation.