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The sports industry development space Listed companies are scrambling to Denver sports IP
Date:2015-1-15 15:07:15

In the sports industry policy factors such as power under the rapid development in recent years, sports IP is becoming a hot spot of many companies scramble to layout.The personage inside course of study says, domestic operation successful sports events in the IP, the international competition of IP is larger.Listed companies to accelerate the layout of international sporting event IP at the same time, should also strive to build domestic boutique sports IP.

The listed company to speed up the layout

From the domestic sports industry structure, current sporting goods accounted for 79%, only 18% sports services.The American sports service industry accounts for 57% of the whole sports industry.Analysts said that in 2025 China sports services in the sports industry the proportion will reach 50%.Calculated according to total $5 trillion sports industry, sports industry total scale will reach 2.5 trillion yuan.

CCTV vice-editor-in-chief Li Ting said that the core of the sports industry is event itself.In fact, the listed company for the layout of the sports events IP heads, honored, Andrew bynum HuaLu, noble bird, the window of the Rhine sports, sports and other companies are in power.

On April 13, Rhine sports announced plans and CCTS China GmbH Switzerland reached a strategic cooperation, and jointly funded "company of ice and snow sports", jointly build and operate ice and snow sports in Asia.In the fourth quarter of this year, CCTS will host the 2016 world women's curling championship tournament in Shanghai (Shanghai masters), the two sides will this as an opportunity for the competition of the commercial development depth cooperation.

HuaLu baina lates after the announcement, subsidiary HuaLu sports proposed $34.057 million subscribe the champions basket of 75% stake, the latter's main sports competitions, etc.Company said that the investment is to obtain the international top IP preliminary action sports industry.Annual report, the company has the European champions league the next 15 years of basketball in China's comprehensive commercial rights and interests.

Both offered 15 million yuan established jilin for both sports culture development co., LTD., the company holds a 30% stake, as the second largest shareholder.For both the main sports resources development, sports organizations marketing, event planning and operations, the campus football, etc.

The personage inside course of study says, sports IP has become the new "gold mine" of sports industry.Announced late last year, the window of the sports on $1.38 billion strategic investment community international chess online operation platform.In 2015, many international revenue income is 770 million yuan, up 61.8% from a year earlier.Net profit of 160 million yuan, up 10.7% from a year earlier.Earnings growth is mainly benefit from paying users growth and IP sporting events of the economic effect, etc.

In addition, the technology industry, said the company management operation ring China international road cycling race, Beijing marathon, the pga tour series in China, and China golf club league with the core competitiveness of the brand competition, competition IP value significantly.